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January 29, 2013
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A needed lesson by BaldDumboRat A needed lesson by BaldDumboRat
I think this is a very important lesson.

At the moment, the episode has not come out yet. Though, alicorn Twilight has been something hinted at since season one, and as a writer I am excited to see change and appreciate the possibility of having some clarity on the mythology of Equestria. I highly doubt the show creators would break the friendship of the characters, nor would they make Twilight “Outlive” her friends. Remember who the target audience is: Young, impressionable little girls with dreams of being their own princess in some way. To see a character they are familiar with becoming a princess, not from being related to royalty but instead from her own hard work and diligence is inspiring for a young child.

We’ve seen many princesses who are given this role from the start. Our poor, Disney girls always pining for something more, sitting in their sheltered life longing for a prince or an adventure. Instead, we are seeing a young woman who has EARNED her place as a princess from her kindness, knowledge, and her experience with her friends.

This is a very healthy thing for young girls to see, and it’s a rare sight, so I am very excited to see what this could do for those children.

People are panicking over something that has nothing to back up the panic.

I’ll take these points people make against alicorn Twilight and rebuttal them here:

Twilight is becoming a god and will outlive her friends

Nowhere in the show has it been stated that Alicorns are gods. We also do not know a pony lifespan, or Cadence’s lifespan. All we know is the 2 Princesses lived over 1,000 years, but Cadence we have witnessed growing up with Twilight, and she’s also an Alicorn Princess. Plus, she married a unicorn. Why would she do that if she was going to outlive him?

Twilight’s friendship will be over because of this!

Why? Why would her friends leave her over something like this? Why would she NOT be allowed to see them? What’s stopping her friends from coming with her, or her deciding she wants to rule in Ponyville? We don’t even know what she will be a princess of yet, or if she’s replacing anyone or just being given a new role. Also, no one ever said you have to lose your friends just because you moved away or got a better job. True friends find a way to stick together no matter what, even if their thousands of miles or even oceans apart.

Also, surely she can’t take this new role by herself. Her friends can be there to support her, and pursue their own destinies and dreams as well.

Hasbro is making her a princess just to make more toys!

Well, why is this a bad thing? Don’t Bronies like to collect the toys? Havn’t the toys been getting a bit stale and repetitive lately? So, we have a new princess toy. Hasbro is a toy company, My Little Pony has always been a toy franchise. The whole point of the show has ALWAYS been to market toys, but they are taking a new approach to it by actually giving the show life and thought and some darned good quality! When Rarity was given butterfly wings, it was there so they could release Butterfly Wing ponies. No one complained about this. Crystal Empire released a new set of sparkly toys. No one complained about this. Everything in the show has been to promote the toys, nothing has changed. They even made a White Celestia for us because people wanted her accurate, and they did so.

I have faith that the writers will put some logic and good lore behind this whole thing, and will take care of it, just as they took care of ‘Butterfly’ ponies and ‘Crystal’ ponies, and even the Wedding sets.

For collectors, Alicorn Twilight is a fresh new toy to have on the shelf, and she’s honestly not a bad design. (Well, her dress is a bit silly…)

Twilight Alicorn will ruin the show!

It’s not the end. As a princess, it opens a whole new WORLD of possibilities we never had before! We’ve been in Ponyville for 3 seasons, shouldn’t it be fair to give the show a chance to take a new direction? Rather than lessons of friendship, we can learn lessons of responsibility, and explore the greater world of Equestria. Think about it, if she becomes a Princess, she would need to become familiar with the world around her, and her friends can still come with her and help her.
Being a princess does NOT end a story, in opens a new page. They already said there will be a season 4, and I want to see more based on the mythology and society of Equestria. And Twilight being a princess is a potential gateway to that whole world!

Well, if she becomes an Alicorn it’s not fair that her friends don’t!

Not everyone in a circle of friends is going to become famous or achieve greatness at the same time. It’s illogical and highly unlikely. Another thing, what would her friends really have to gain from being alicorns? Twilight is training her magic, this has been her destiny as the Princess’s protege from the start of her lessons. Her friends do not have these same goals.

In fact, Twilight becoming an Alicorn can even aid her friends in reaching their own dreams. Rainbow Dash is already on her way to being a Wonderbolt, and they seem to reside in Canterlot.

Rarity’s dresses became noticed in Canterlot, and she’s always wanted to live there with the culture and fashion. Her friend being a princess opens a whole new world of fashion possibilities for her.

Applejack was given a high responsibility as head of the family when she was given the task of putting together the family reunion. She’s content with her life on the farm, and has no reason to need to be an alicorn. But her friend being a princess could help provide more funding for her farm, and might bring ponies in from other towns wanting to try their food.

Fluttershy is content with her animals, and Pinkie is just… Pinkie. They are fine with who they are, they wont have anything to gain from being Alicorn Princesses.

So, really, the only one that seems to fit that role is Twilight Sparkle, and she’s honestly earned it after all her hard work.

In Closing, I just want to say that everyone should calm down, think of the good possibilities this could open, and put a little more trust in the writers. We don’t know where this could go. We don’t know if it will be a permanent change, or a short gag. We don’t know how the episode will end or what Twilight chooses. We don’t know what could be in store for season 4.

The unknown is scary, yes. It’s the most common thing we fear. But the community is what truly makes Bronies, NOT the show, and as a community we should be ready to embrace change and continue the way we always have.

With love and toleration.
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This is one of the most TRUE friendship lessons the Pinies could ever learn.

You, Sir, deserve a twenty-one salute with naval artillary.


*boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, BOOM!*

Excellent job! Only way it could be better is if it were animated with the original actresses voices!
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This is Great !
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Very well done.  :heart: this piece.
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