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October 25, 2013
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Elementary is Magic by BaldDumboRat Elementary is Magic by BaldDumboRat
I'm sorry but I like Elementary a lot more than Sherlock. I mean substantially a lot more on almost every aspect.
Don't get me wrong, Sherlock is good, but Elementary I feel perfected it.
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BaldDumboRat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Ducktective is where it's at
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BaldDumboRat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shit, you're right
Daiskida Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Hey there, well I recall a year back (think it was a yea back) you and I well had this argument with me acting as a real tosser about your preferences. An well, I do wanna bring my apologize for it, and at the same time share my thoughts on both series. I will say that both series have their strong and weak points, and both series can be enjoyed on different levels.

I will agree that in Sherlock it would be nice if we get more development for Watson and show him more as a real person, and showing that he's equally smart as Sherlock (something they did in the movies which I thought was awesome), and it's def nice that Elementary shows that how Watson is smart and almost Sherlocks equal. However on the other hand, where Elementary falls short it's on it's crime stories, because they aren't that hard to solve and don't present much of a challenge, and at times it's almost like playing a game of Clue. Where with Sherlock, I actually love how insane and borderline complex the crimes are, since it's almost playing an old school detective game where you need to assert the clues and think over everything perfectly (even though sometimes it can go bonkers. But hey, so did the books). But Elementary actually peaks on character development and interaction between the two companions as they grow closer as friends and comrades, something Sherlock does lack in several places.

I will also add that, it's nice that Elementary adds more personality to Holmes, 'cause in both the books and the BBC's Sherlock it would be nice to see some more development out of him (though I will say that having be a recovering drug addict and going to America, a place which is like drug heaven next to Amesterdam is kinda ironic). But at the same time what kinda irks me is this whole 'sexual' aspect of Sherlock in Elementary. An this kinda bugs me with American TV in general, and maybe you can explain. What is their fear with having a character be asexual, since that's who Holmes is. In the books he's this dandy man (but that's 'cause of the era it was written), but he's still asexual. He doesn't care for love, no romances or women, to him the case is what's most important. An yet here we have him boning hot chicks, is this like some sort of law in AMerican television that the can't have characters who are asexual s. I've seen this in many shows like House, Numbers, Dexter and it just drives me nuts.

Which brings me to my issue with Moriarty in Elementary, is that the whole 'romance' aspect feels almost sexist in a way, and it's not 'cause we can't have two smart people be in love. It's 'cause, it just feels really tacked on and because they both are good looking. Frankly, you could have easily removed that aspect, kept she's this woman who wants to destroy Holmes because he threatens her organization, and that would have been perfect. Even when she uses this 'romance' against him, it still feels tacked on. 

An actually, this is kinda my issue with the show is that, it kinda feels like a crime drama, with the Holmes mask on it. I mean, you have some fun dialogue, some good interaction between the two, even development an etc. But remove that mask, and it becomes a rather boring and cliched TV series, with the Sherlock Holmes brand on it. There is a TV series called "The Mentalist", I don't know if you ever seen it. But that kinda felt more like Sherlock Holmes to me than Elementary does.

So yeah, as I said while both shows have good things, they also have minuses with 'em but they are both fun. I will still stick with Sherlock, but hey I was wrong to judge Elementary so quickly thinking it was just an American knock off, 'cause it turned out to be fun. AN I will say, that both actors in Elementary do have some nice charisma and looks like they always had fun on set (though with Lucy Liu I swear she was only taken to get the guys in, because of how attractive she is, or 'cause her carrier has ended ages ago and she'll do anything for a paycheck.), and well I also really loved the Season 3 of Sherlock, and really hoping they'll bring back Moriarty, 'cause I really loved him and think they can do some more with him ('cause that was my gripe with the book is that he was barely used. Oh sure, he was 'mentioned', but we barely knew anything about it aside from the last book).
watcher25 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
wow... why does that make so much sense for it to be a pony...?
Daiskida Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
I'm gonna call ya out on this. I watched the first and second ep of Elementary and found it more Sherlock light, or close to Hipster type of Sherlock. I did like they gave Watson more of a charterer and personality, but I'd say the gender change was rather pointless (since you could have given him just as much character just by keeping him male. An well throwing someone as attractive Lucy Liu there just creates this feeling that she's gonna be a love interest at some point), not helped by having Moriarty be a woman. Since all it does is create this pointless 'romance' subplot between Moriarty and Holmes (which actually comes off kinda sexist when you think about, since the only reason she even goes after Holmes is 'cause she finds the hots for him, in some shape or form. Let's toss out the idea of her having a criminal empire and Sherlock being in her way, or hell having the BBC idea that he was just bored as saw Sherlock as the perfect challenge), and just throwing Watson into the mix. I'll also say the crimes are kinda easy to figure out (Specially since it's aimed at the American audience, I ain't surprised, since least 75% of American viewers need things spelled out for 'em.) I will admit, I find their take on SHerlock interesting, since unlike the BBC version, he isn't a high functioning psychopath guess more ADD or something along those lines. Though, it was head scratching that they decided to leave the "he's a drug addict" which was in the books, but I don't know, that was just kinda..mmm...awkward in a way. I mean, in the books it made sense since he used heroine when he was bored an needed to shut down his brain. I guess what it comes down too, is that Elementary has some interesting stuff, but all in all I'd be hard pressed to say it's better than BBC's Sherlock, since at times Elementary feels like Dr.House solving crimes, while at other times it feels like every other American crime show (CSI, Numbers, Monk an etc). I mean, it's def worth a watch, but I'm still gonna say that BBC Sherlock is least several pages ahead of Elementary.
LightClueless2 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
is this a contest of who has the longest and logical answer?
Daiskida Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
I don't know, if there was, maybe i'd get 1st place, or maybe second.
BaldDumboRat Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also a more direct response:
"I watched the first and second ep of Elementary"
First problem. You formulated a entire opinion of a show with over 20 episodes by the first 2? You realize in a show like that, things are supposed to start light. Cases are supposed to ease the audience in before tackling the bigger stuff.

"just creates this feeling that she's gonna be a love interest at some point"
This logic is saying because she's female she's going to be a love interest. That has never, and will never be the case. It has been made very clear. In fact, BBC Sherlock has treated it more like a romance than Elementary has. They constantly queerbait the audience and crack gay jokes about Sherlock and Watson and it really degrades the character, in my opinion.

"which actually comes off kinda sexist when you think about, since the only reason she even goes after Holmes is 'cause she finds the hots for him"
Moriarty isn't just Moriarty. She's IRENE ADDLER. She is 'THE Woman', and she's not degraded to being some S&M queen with hardly any actual personality. Also, no, she doesn't like him because 'he's hot'. That's completely rude of you to degrade a character like that just because she's a woman.
She liked him because he was the most intelligent man she had EVER met in her life, and he was drawn to her for the same reason, her baffling and amazing mind. God forbid two people like each other for their personalities, right?
Pretty sure that's how BBC Sherlock showed Irene Addler and Sherlock, they totally had a mental connection- oh wait no it was just a lot of flirting because they found each other hot. Hm. Something's wrong here.

" Let's toss out the idea of her having a criminal empire and Sherlock being in her way"
What are you even talking about? She DOES have a criminal Empire. She has TORN SHERLOCK APART with it. She is dangerous, even in jail, she is 100% capable of manipulation and getting her way. She's managed to break out of top security confinements, keep in contact with her organizations, and she is completely ruthless. She's even stated how mysogynistic people are in assuming all the big criminals have to be male, and has a male representing her in order to make her clients 'more comfortable'.

Sherlock himself just doesn't work for the character either, in BBC I mean. This man is supposed to have a lot of charisma and the ability to make others trust him, he's able to blend in and figure people out easily. A sociopath with aspergers is clearly not capable of this, as they are not able to read other peoples' social queues which I feel is absolutely VITAL to Sherlock Holmes.
With the ADHD version, it feels more accurate because while he can fully understand what people are doing, he doesn't know why, nor does he know how to be like them. He can pretend without being a hammy actor, he does have a heart, but he just doesn't level with these people at all.
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